b o k s o m d a a i s boutique events

since 2009


Emoji Party Decor
Giant Emoji Backdrop
Yellow Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Emoji Balls
Black & White Striped #Hashtag Paper Straws
Emoji Bunting
White Tablecloths
Yellow Alphabet Letters
Yellow Emoji Paper Cups
Emoji Pillows
Yellow Paper Plates & Serviettes
Food Labels

Emoji Party Eats & Treats
Poop Emoji Chocolate Cupcakes
Poop Emoji Chocolate Mousse Bowls
Popcorn in Yellow Emoji Paper Cups
Emoji Picture Cupcakes
Yellow Sweets in Glass Cylinders
Emoji Cheese Bites
Emoji Sandwiches
Emoji Cookies
Pizza Bites
Mini Gourmet Burgers
Mini Hotdogs
Chicken Pops in Yellow Buckets

Emoji Party Drinks
Orange Juice Bottles
Mineral Water Bottles with Emoji Labels
Passionfruit & Lemonade Bottles

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