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Grease is the Word Party Decor
Grease Movie Posters
Black Tablecloths
Light Pink Overlays
Grease Soundtrack Vinyl Record Placemats
Black & White Check Tablecloths
Rydell High Flags
Black Combs
Vintage Coca Cola Ice Buckets
Vintage Coca Cola Serviette Dispenser
Vintage Coca Cola Straw Dispenser
Red & White Streamers
Grease Soundtrack Vinyl Record

Grease is the Word Party Eats & Treats
Pink Ladies' Pink Strawberry Milkshakes
“Just gimme a double Polar burger with everything” Mini Gourmet Burgers
“Oh, bite the weenie Riz” Mini Hotdogs
Frenchie's Fries
“Come on guys, let’s go for some pizza” Pizza Bites
“Hit the Teacher” Mini Lemon Meringue Pies
“My mom’s apple pie is better than this stuff” Apple Pies
“Anyone want a Twinkie” Tinkies
Coca Cola Bottles in Vintage Wooden Crates
Pink Ladies Cocktails
Vintage Red & White Striped Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn with Popcorn Spices
“Tell me about it Stud” Muffins
Pink Ladies' Strawberry Cupcakes
T-Birds' Chocolate Cupcakes

12 APRIL 2014

There you have it!  Finally, the winner of our most recent "Win a Party" competition had her party!

The birthday girl loves the movie Grease, all her guests dressed up, 50's style, to suit this cute and original theme!

The menu included "Oh, bite the weenie Riz" mini hotdogs with mustard & tomato sauce, "Tell me about it, stud" muffins (double chocolate) served in vinyl record bowls, the T-birds' delicious double chocolate cupcakes, "Hit the teacher" mini lemon meringue pies, the Pink Ladies's vanilla cupcakes, popcorn in black & white striped boxes, "Come on guys, let's go for some pizza" pizza bites, Frenchie's fries as well as "Gimme a double Polar Burger with everything" mini gourmet burgers.  I really loved the movie quote food labels!

We decorated the eats & treats table with black velvet tablecloths (it should have been black leather!), a Grease movie poster, square black & white plates, the cool food labels, a vintage Coca Cola ice bucket, serviette dispenser and straw dispenser, black combs, a Rydell High flag as well as a Grease soundtrack vinyl record which I found in a little second hand shop on the side of the road somewhere.

We served delicious pink milkshake, in honour of the Pink Ladies, as well as Coca Cola in glass bottles in a vintage wooden Coca Cola crate.

Thank you to Rochelle de Beer for some of the photo's, one can clearly see which ones were taken by me and which ones were taken by a professional photographer!