b o k s o m d a a i s boutique events & catering

since 2009


Breakfast Decor
Fresh Flowers
White Tablecloths
Juice Dispensers
Juice Glasses
Side Plates
Paper Serviettes

Breakfast Menu
Individual Fresh Strawberry, Yoghurt & Muesli Parfait
 Croissants with Ham & Cheese
 Croissants with Scrambled Egg, Bacon & Cheese
Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Egg, Cream Cheese & Spring Onion Scones
Bacon, Egg, Cheese & Salsa Breakfast Wraps
Individual Fruit Salad Bowls
Fresh Fruit Kebabs
Muffins with Butter & Preserves
Mini Flapjack Stacks with Berries & Syrup
Fresh Fruit Juice
Cheese & Cold Meat Platter
Danish Pastries
Toasted Gourmet Whole Wheat Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwiches
Cheese, Tomato, Bacon, Mushroom, Green Pepper & Fried Egg Pizza Bites
Quesadillas with Boiled Egg, Bacon & Cheese
Frittata Bites
Cocktail Cheese Grillers
Mini Waffles with Whipped Cream & Syrup
Fruit Infused Mineral Water
Coffee & Tea

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