b o k s o m d a a i s boutique events & catering

since 2009


Back to School Carnival Decor
Ruler Table Runner
Giant Pencils
Note Pad Triangle Bunting
Lunch Boxes
Felt Tip Pens
Flash Cards
Vintage School Desk
Alphabet Letters
Flowers in Pencil Vases
Chalkboard Food Labels
Erlenmeyer Flasks
Measuring Cylinders
Pin Board
Red & White Chevron Tablecloths
Red & White Striped Paper Straws
Vintage Coca Cola Glass Bottles in Wooden Crates
Ticket Rolls
Vintage Coca Cola Ice Buckets
Vintage Coca Cola Tin
Vintage Coca Cola Straw Dispenser
Vintage Coca Cola Serviette Dispenser
Vintage Coca Cola Take Away Glasses

Back to School Carnival Menu
A is for Apples
B is for Back to School Cookies
B is for Back to School Cupcakes
B is for Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip
C is for Caramel Popcorn in Red & White Striped Popcorn Boxes
C is for Coca Cola in Galvanized Steel Ice Buckets
C is for Cherry Cola Cupcakes
C is for Corn on the Cob
 C is for Cheese Platter
Selection of Local & Imported Cheeses with Biscuits
D is for Doughnuts
F is for Fresh Fruit Salad
G is for Gourmet Burgers with Cheddar & Tomato Relish
H is for Hotdogs with Mustard & Tomato Sauce
H is for Hard Candy
J is for Juice Boxes
L is for Lemonade (With a Kick!)
M is for Mineral Water Bottles
M is for Muffins
P is for Popcorn in Red & White Striped Popcorn Boxes with Assorted Popcorn Spices
P is for Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwiches
P is for Pizza Bites
S is for Salad
Baby Leaf Lettuce, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Feta Cheese, Strawberries, Chives, Micro Herbs, Black Salt, Black Pepper, Balsamic Beads
S is for Sandwiches
Ham & Cheese Sandwiches
Cheese & Tomato Sandwiches
Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwiches
Tuna Mayonnaise Sandwiches
Egg Mayonnaise Sandwiches
Cucumber & Cream Cheese Sandwiches

T is for Toffee Apples
T is for Toasted Cheese Sandwiches & Tomato Soup Shooters
V is for Vegetable Dip Glasses
with Humus, Guacamole & Cream Cheese
W is for Whole Peanuts
W is for Wraps
Greek Chicken Souvlaki, Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Feta, Hummus & Tzatziki Wraps
Fresh Rainbow Vegetable, Avocado & Hummus Wraps
Tuna Salad, Red Onion, Lettuce & Tomato Wraps
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Red Onion, Dill, Avocado & Lettuce Wraps
Smoked Chicken, Cucumber, Lettuce, Mayonnaise & Sweet Chilli Wraps
Pork Carnitas, Jalapenos, Coriander, Sour Cream, Salsa, Guacamole & Lettuce Wraps
BBQ Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce & Mayonnaise Wraps

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