inspiration for stylish celebrations



Zoo Animal Party Decor
Hessian Tablecloths
Animal Print Overlays
Plastic Animals
Rubber Snakes
Baobab Wire Tree
Jungle Vines
Tree Trunk Cupcake Stands
Green Grass Table Runner
Green Grass Placemats
Wooden Cutlery tied with Twine
Animal Soft Toys
Animal Print Alphabet Letters
Wooden Crates
Animal Facts Food Labels
ZOO Sign
Paper Plates & Serviettes

Zoo Animal Party Eats & Treats
Zoo Animal Pizza Bites
Zoo Animal Cheese Bites
Zoo Animal Cookies
Zoo Animal Sandwiches
Elephant’s Whole Peanuts
Zebra’s Zebra Print Popcorn Boxes filled with Caramel Popcorn
Anaconda’s Gummy Snakes
Anaconda's Sssnake Sssandwichesss
Duck’s Cheese Bites & "Quackers"
Lion’s Meat Skewers
Bear’s Paw Cupcakes
Rhino’s Caramel Horns
Wild Dog’s Mini Hotdogs
Polar Bear's Ice Cream Cups
Pony's Carrot Sticks & Dip Cups
Biltong in Packets with Animal Print Bag Toppers
Zebra’s Cupcakes
Zoo Animal Chocolate Cupcakes
Iced Zoo Cookies
Chimpanzee’s Fresh Fruit Salad
Cheetah’s Sticky BBQ Ribs
Chicken's Wings
Pig's Pigs in a Blanket
Monkey's Trail Mix
Banana Sweets, Banana Chips, Peanuts & Pretzels

Zoo Animal Party Drinks
Cow's Chocolate Milk in Cow Print Bottles
Orangutan’s Banana Smoothies
Hippo’s Pink Strawberry Milk Bottles
Mineral Water Bottles with Hessian Wrappers
Fresh Fruit Juice Bottles with Animal Print Labels

Zoo Animal Party Favours
Square Zoo Animal Picture Boxes
Square Animal Print Boxes

10 JUNE 2017