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Square White Paper Dolls Picture Boxes

13 MAY 2017

What a sweet theme...

I remember my mom used to have a little suitcase filled with paper dolls which she kept hidden on the top shelf of her closet, we were allowed to play with it but only under supervision! :-) That little suitcase got lost during one of our moves, she misses her paper dolls until this day.

So this was quite nostalgic for me and I totally enjoyed putting this eats & treats table together for little Juliet Ami's birthday.

The beautiful paper products were designed by Amy J Kids. Check out her beautiful work on Etsy!

We decorated the table with dusky pink & white striped and lace tablecloths, the cutest little clothesline complete with paper dresses and tiny clothes pegs, paper dolls, dollhouse cardboard centrepieces,

The beautiful flowers were done by mommy Janelle. :-)