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Tractor Party Decor
Sunflowers in Galvanized Steel Buckets
John Deere Tractor
Green & Yellow Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Wooden Cutlery
White Picket Fences
Enamel Cups & Plates
Green Grass Placemats
Straw Hats
Milk Canisters
Green Oil Lanterns
Green & Yellow Tablecloths
Hessian Overlays
Green & Yellow Alphabet Letters
Green & Yellow Bandanas
Green & White Striped Paper Straws

Tractor Party Eats & Treats
Green & Yellow Sweets in Apothecary Jars
Tractor Chocolate Lollipops
Tractor Picture Cupcakes
Vegetable Garden Platter
Biltong & Cheese Spread "Haystacks" Sandwiches
Marshmallow Rice Crispies Treats "Haystacks"
Green & Yellow Jelly Cups
"Tractor Tyres" Chocolate Doughnuts
Fresh Fruit Salad
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade in Consol Jars
Mineral Water Bottles with Tractor Labels
Grass & Chocolate "Dirt" Cupcakes
Chocolate Mousse "Dirt" Cups
Coconut Marshmallow “Haystacks”
Tractor Wheel Pasta Salad Cups
Green & Yellow Sweets Packets with Tractor Bag Toppers
Orange Juice
Vanilla Milk Bottles
Corn on the Cob

Tractor Party Favours
Square Green & Yellow Tractor Logo Boxes
Galvanized Steel Buckets

16 OCTOBER 2016

We decorated this tractor themed eats & treats table with John Deere hessian tablecloths, a golden yellow overlay, white picket fences, green grass placemats, golden yellow & green alphabet letters, enamel cups & plates, wooden boards, wooden crates, "windpompe", milk canisters, beautiful sunflowers in a galvanized steel watering can, green oil lanterns, a galvanized steel wheelbarrow and green bandanas.

The eats & treats included watermelon gumballs and yellow lollipops in glass jars, green & yellow jelly cups with wooden spoons, coconut marshmallow "Haystacks", "Tractor Wheels" chocolate doughnuts, marshmallow Rice Crispies treats "Haystacks", a vegetable garden platter with cream cheese for dipping, John Deere logo chocolate lollipops in a galvanized steel bucket, popcorn mini enamel cups and John Deere logo cupcakes.

One of my favourite elements of the party was the cute milk bottles with yellow & white striped paper straws which we filled with vanilla milk.  We also served delicious homemade lemonade in a drinks dispenser with Consol jars and green & white striped paper straws.

Each little farm boy & girl took home a galvanized steel party favour bucket filled with treats.