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Three Little Pigs Party Decor
“Beware of the Big Bad Wolf” Wooden Sign
“Straw”, “Wooden” & “Brick” Cardboard Houses
Wooden Cutlery
Wooden Backdrop
Straw Table Skirting
Red & White Gingham Check Tablecloths
Tree Trunk Cupcake Stands
Three Little Pigs Books
Green Grass Placemats
Black Cast Iron Pots
Green Grass Table Runner

Three Little Pigs Party Eats & Treats
Mini Red Toffee Apples
Chocolate Cauldrons
Red Apples in a Basket
Sticky Pork Riblets
Ham Sandwiches
The Three Little Pigs in a Blanket
The Three Little Pigs Picture Cupcakes
Pretzel "Sticks"
Biltong & Cheese Spread "Haystacks"
The Three Little Pigs Chocolate Lollipops in Wooden Box with Straw
The Three Little Pigs Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Coconut Marshmallow "Haystacks"
Curly Pig Tail Pasta Salad
Wolf Paw Cupcakes
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
Mineral Water Bottles with The Three Little Pigs Labels
Chocolate Mousse "Dirt" Cups
Apple Juice

The Three Little Pigs Party Favours
Pig Snout Boxes
Square Green & Blue The Three Little Pigs Picture Boxes
Straw House, Wooden House & Brick House Boxes

10 MAY 2014

Every now and then I get excited about new and original themes and I would just like to thank young Reuben for insisting on his The Three Little Pigs themed party!

I thoroughly enjoyed putting this eats & treats table together. The decor included a "Beware of the Wolf" sign, a straw house, wooden house & brick house, green grass placemats, food labels, a wooden background, wooden boards, tree trunk cupcake stands, red & white gingham check tablecloths, brick and apples in a basket.  The mommy arranged some haystacks which complimented the theme perfectly.

The eats & treats included coconut marshmallow "Haystacks", mini red toffee applies, The Three Little Pigs chocolate lollipops in a wooden box with straw, The Three Little Pigs in a Blanket, delicious red apples, The Three Little Pigs picture cupcakes, popcorn in the The Three Little Pigs boxes and chocolate mousse "Dirt" cups with wooden spoons.

To drink we served apple juice in a black cauldron, two more cute elements from the story!

Each little friend took home a personalized pink or blue pig party favour box filled with treats, too cute!