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Lego Movie Party Decor
Lego Base Plates
Lego Cutlery Holder
Lego Head Straws
Lego Blocks
Lego Movie Cardboard Centrepieces
Lego Movie Posters
Giant Lego Block Boxes
Lego Photo Frame
"Everything is Awesome!" Banner
Emmet's Red Hard Hat
Food Labels
Yellow Tablecloths

Lego Movie Party Eats & Treats
Red Cooldrink Bottles with Lego Movie Labels
Orange Juice Bottles with Lego Movie Labels
Lego Movie Picture Cupcakes
Lego Block Cupcakes
Lego Movie Chocolate Lollipops
Lego Block Cheese Bites
Sweets in Packets with Lego Movie Bag Toppers
Lego Movie Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Lego Block Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Mineral Water Bottles with Lego Movie Labels
Lego Block Cookies
Red, Blue, Yellow & Green “Kragle” Jelly Cups
Lego Block Sandwiches
Emmet’s Yellow Jelly Cups
Lego Block Juice Boxes
Batman's Bat (Buffalo) Wings
Batman's Bat Signal Cookies
Wyldstyle's Pink & Blue Sweets in Apothecary Jars
Good Cop's Doughnuts

Lego Movie Party Favours
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black & White Lego Block Boxes
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black & White Lego Block Bags
Square Yellow Lego Movie Picture Boxes


Lego Movie is probably one of my favourite animated movies of the year, so cute and original with loads of unique characters!

We set up and styled a nice and big eats & treats table with white tablecloths, a yellow & white polka dot paper table runner, Lego Movie posters, a Lego Movie cardboard centrepiece, Lego base plates, Lego blocks and the birthday boy's name built with Lego as well as Lego head straws and food labels.

To eat we served popcorn in Lego Movie boxes, Lego block cheese bites & biscuits, "Kragle" jelly cups win various colours & flavours, Lego movie picture cupcakes, sweets in packets with Lego Movie bag toppers, Lego block sandwiches with ham & cheese and Lego Movie chocolate lollipops.

To drink we served Lego block juice boxes, too cute!

Each litte master builder took home a Lego block party favour box filled with treats.

Everything is awesome!