inspiration for stylish celebrations

Since 2009


Shimmer & Shine Party Decor
Aqua, Teal, Pink & Purple Tablecloths
Shimmer & Shine Cardboard Centrepieces
Oil Lamp
Copper Kettles
Gold Platters with Jewels
Gold Paper Plates
Paper Serviettes
Gold Star Confetti
Coloured Glass Bottles
Treasure Chest filled with Jewels & Gold Chocolate Coins
Menu in Gold Frame with Jewels
Gold Alphabet Letters with Jewels
Gold Glitter Table Runner
Decorative Gold Trays
Food Labels
Gold Mirror Tray
Gold Decoration
Shimmer & Shine Backdrop

Shimmer & Shine Party Eats & Treats
Shimmer & Shine Picture Cupcakes
Gold Chocolate Coins in Treasure Chest
Ferrero Rocher Truffles
Mini Pita with Chicken Strips, Lettuce, Humus & Tzatziki
Tala's Fresh Fruit Kebabs
Nahal's Chicken Shish Kabobs
Shine's Gold Dust Cupcakes
Shimmer & Shine Chocolate Lollipops
Pink, Blue & Purple Jelly Bowls
Pink, Blue & Purple Rock Candy
Golden Chicken Nuggets
Shimmer & Shine Popcorn Boxes filled with Caramel Popcorn
Sweets in Apothecary Jars

Shimmer & Shine Party Drinks
Shimmer's Sparkling White Grape Juice in Plastic Goblets with Jewels
Iced Tea
Pink Raspberry Soda Bottles with Shimmer & Shine Labels
Blue Lemonade Bottles with Shimmer & Shine Labels
Blue Genie Juice
Mineral Water Bottles with Shimmer & Shine Labels

Shimmer & Shine Party Favours
Square Pink, Purple & Aqua Shimmer & Shine Picture Boxes
Pink & Purple Shimmer & Shine Picture Bags

Shimmer & Shine Party Food for Adults
Sparkling Wine
Purple Gold Dust Cupcakes
Turkish Delight
Mini Pita with Chicken, Lettuce, Hummus & Tzatziki
Mini Pita with Beef, Lettuce, Hummus & Tzatziki
Chicken Shish Kabobs
Arabian Pita Bread
with Hummus &Tzatziki
Lamb Kafta with Tzatziki
Marinated Olives
Date & Nut Truffles
Couscous Salad
with Roast Butternut, Spinach & Feta

with Pomegranate, Feta & Pistachios
Grilled Haloumi
Treasure Chest filled with Ferrero Rocher
Chicken Shawarma
Falafel with Tahini
Three Cheese Samosas

24 FEBRUARY 2018