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Retro Arcade Party Decor
Black & White Striped Paper Straws
Pacman Boxes
Pacman Bunting
Tetris Block Boxes
Black Tablecloths
Glow Sticks
Glow in the Dark Toys
Super Mario Brothers' Mystery Boxes
Angry Birds
Wooden Crates
Food Labels
Pixelated Cardboard Centrepieces

Retro Arcade Party Eats & Treats
Space Invaders Picture Cupcakes
Pacman Picture Cupcakes
Pacman Chocolate Lollipops
"Concession Stand" Candy
Sweets in  Glass Cubes with Retro Arcade Games Logos
Gold Chocolate "Tokens"
"High Score" Mini Hotdogs
"Game Over" Mini Gourmet Burgers
"Bonus Points" Pizza Bites
"Pacman" Cookies
Super Mario Brothers' "1-Up" & "Power-Up" Mushroom Cupcakes
"Pixels" Popcorn
Sonic the Hedgehog's "Golden Rings" Crisps
Gumball Dispenser filled with Gumballs

Retro Arcade Party Drinks
Assorted Soft Drinks
Mineral Water Bottles
Juice Boxes
"Level Up" Lemonade
Blue "Bonus Level" Lemonade

16 JUNE 2017

I had so much fun putting every little detail together for this retro arcade themed eats & treats table! As children we used to play all these games at our local arcade, Pacman, Street Fighter, Space Invaders...

And we had handheld Donkey Kong games! :-)

Oh, those were the days...

This party was held at Fantasia Arcade in Northgate Mall, Johannesburg, what fun!

We decorated the table with black tablecloths, Pacman boxes and bunting, Tetris block boxes, glow sticks, glow in the dark toys, Super Mario Brothers' mystery boxes, Angry Birds soft toys, wooden crates, black slate platters, food labels and a pixelated Super Mario cardboard centrepiece.

We served assorted sweets in glass cubes labeled with retro arcade games logos such as yellow lollipops (Pacman) and root beer barrels (Donkey Kong), Space Invaders picture cupcakes with black & white sprinkles, "Consession Stand" candy, Pacman chocolate lollipops, "Pixels" popcorn in yellow & white polka dot paper cups, "High Score" hotdogs with mustard & tomato sauce, "Bonus Points" pizza bites and Super Mario Brothers' "Power-Up" and "1-Up" mushroom cupcakes.

To drink we served "Level Up" lemonade and blue "Bonus Level" lemonade with black & white striped paper cups and straws as well as juice boxes.

The adults enjoyed some of our delicious Gourmet Snack Platters. :-)