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Minecraft Party Decor
Green Grass Placemats
Green Grass Table Runner
Creeper Bunting
“Dirt Grass” Centrepiece
Black Alphabet Letters
Minecraft Blocks
Creeper Blocks
Glass Blocks
Black Tablecloths
Food Labels
Black Crates
Paper Plates & Serviettes

Minecraft Party Eats & Treats
“TNT” Rolos
Blue Rock Candy “Diamonds”
Sour Apple “Emeralds”
“Red Stone” Rock Candy
“Gravel” Chocolates
“Fire” Balls
“Dirt Grass” Chocolate Cake Blocks
 “Dirt” Cadbury’s Tumbles Blocks
“Dirt Grass” Marshmallow Choco Crispies Blocks
Choc Chip “Cookies”
“Gold” Caramel Popcorn
Black “Coal” Marshmallow Rice Crispies Treats
“Slime Balls” Green Jelly Bowls
“Carrots” Sticks & “Snowballs” Dip
Blue Gummy “Fish”
Water “Melon” Wedges
Pretzel “Sticks”
Mini Red Toffee “Apples”
“Cheese” Bites & “Trapdoor” Biscuits
“Cooked Chicken” Pops
“Potato” Chips
“Red Mushrooms” Marshmallow Pops
Gourmet “Bread” Rolls
Chocolate “Eggs”

Minecraft Party Drinks
Blue Lemonade "Splash Potion"
Green Creme Soda "Splash Potion"
Mineral "Water" Bottles
"TNT" Juice Boxes
Vanilla “Milk” Bottles

Minecraft Party Favours
Square Green Creeper Boxes
Green Creeper Bags

25 FEBRUARY 2017

We decorated Christopher's eats & treats table with black tablecloths, green grass placemats, creeper bunting, a “Dirt" & "Grass” centrepiece, the birthday boy's name in black alphabet letters, Minecraft blocks, glass cubes and food labels.

The eats & treats included "Dirt" marshmallow Coco Pops treats, "Gold" caramel popcorn, a selection of "Potato" crisps, square green "Slime Balls" jelly bowls with wooden spoons, "Cooked Chicken" nuggets, chocolate "Eggs" and blue rock candy "Diamonds".

To drink we served "TNT" juice boxes and blue "Splash Potion" in glass bottles with blue & white striped paper straws.

4 JUNE 2016

It was a cold and windy morning at the Zwartkops Raceway where this party was held but Ayden loved his Minecraft eats & treats table!

The decor included a black tablecloth, a green grass table runner, green grass placemats, Creeper bunting, food labels, the birthday boy's name in black alphabet letters on a "Dirt Grass" block and Minecraft & Creeper blocks.

To eat we served blue rock candy "Diamonds", mini red toffee "Apples", caramel popcorn in "Gold" boxes, green "Slime Balls" jelly, "TNT" Rolo's, black "Coal" marshmallow Rice Crispies treats and Cadbury's Tumbles in "Dirt" blocks.

To drink we served blue "Splash Potion" with blue & white polka dot straws.

16 FEBRUARY 2016

This time I remembered to cut the watermelon into cubes! :)

We decorated this Minecraft themed eats & treats table with black velvet tablecloths, a green grass table runner, green grass placemats, food labels, Minecraft blocks, Crreeper blocks and Creeper bunting.

The eats & treats included "Fire"balls, black "Coal" Rice Crispies treats, "Potato" chips, pretzel "Sticks", blue rock candy "Diamonds" and "Cooked Chicken" pops in glass blocks as well as water"Melon" blocks, Cadbury's Tumbles blocks and "Dirt" chocolate cake blocks with green "Grass"! That was a hit!

To drink we served TNT juice boxes and "Water" bottles.

Each young Minecrafter took home a square green Creeper party favour box filled with treats.

17 OCTOBER 2015

Minecraft is all the rage!

I had so much fun putting together this party for a smart young boy who is crazy about Minecraft, like a lot of other young boys I know!

We decorated the tables with black tablecloths, a green grass table runner, different Minecraft blocks, green grass placemats, a Creeper banner, food labels, a green grass block and square glass blocks.

The eats & treats included "Gold" block boxes filled with caramel popcorn, blue gummy "Fish" in square glass blocks, "Dirt" Marshmallow Choco Crispies Treats with "Grass", blue rock candy "Diamonds", "TNT" Rolo's, Cadbury's Tumbles "Dirt" blocks, water"Melon" wedges (come to think of it, I should have cut it into blocks, next time), "Slime Balls" green jelly cups and giant choc chip "Cookies".

To drink we served blue "Splash Potion" in small glass bottles and "TNT" juice boxes.

Each guest took home a square green Creeper party favour box filled with treats.