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Mad Scientist Party Decor
Periodic Table of Elements Name
Chalk Board with Scientific Formulas
Black & White Albert Einstein Poster
Periodic Table of Elements Placemats
Magnifying Glasses
Black Rimmed Glasses
Rubber Lab Rats
Glow Sticks
Clip Boards
Erlenmeyer Flasks
Measuring Cylinders
Pasteur Pipettes
Chalk Board Food Labels

Mad Scientist Party Eats & Treats
Fresh Fruit "Molecules"
"Radioactive" Blue Energade in Test Tubes
H2O Water Bottles
Bio-Hazard Logo Cupcakes
Petri Dish Jellies
Specimen Jars filled with Sweets
"DNA Strings" Sugar Ribbons
Gummy "Spiders"
Gummy "Snakes"
Sour "Worms"
Gummy "Frogs"
Liquorice "DNA Strings"
Jawbreaker "Eyeballs"

Plastic Gloves filled with Popcorn
Pop Rocks
Cooldrink in Erlenmeyer Flasks
Marshmallow "Lab Rats"
Green "Nuclear Waste" Juice
Condensed Milk "Injections"
Jelly "Injections"
Jelly Tots "Molecules"
Gumball "Molecules"
Atom Pizza Bites
"DNA" Pasta Salad Cups
Atom Cookies

Mad Scientist Party Favours
Notebook Paper Boxes
Triangle Biohazard Boxes
Biohazard Buckets
White Biohazard Bags


We set up and styled this science themed eats & treats table with everything on offer, we call it the BOKSOMDAAIS Eats & Treats Table Package! :)

We decorated the table with a white tablecloth, Periodic Table of Elements placemats, Erlenmeyer flasks, measuring jugs and cylinders, a clipboard, glow sticks, magnifying glasses, a black & white poster of Albert Einstein, the birthday boy's name in Periodic Table elements, a rubber snake, black rimmed glasses complete with the plaster, test tubes, a chalk board with scientific formulas, white plastic trays, Pasteur pipettes and rubber rats.

The eats & treats included Bio Hazard cupcakes, popcorn filled plastic gloves,  condensed milk "Injections", gumball, Jelly Tots and fresh fruit "Molecules", "DNA" pasta salad bowls, atom cookies and pizza bites, "Lab Rats" marshmallows in a glass cube, "DNA" liquorice ropes, green sugar ribbon "DNA Strings",  gummy "Frogs" and "Snakes", Jawbreaker "Eyeballs" and glow-in-the-dark sour "Worms" in specimen jars, Petri Dish jelly with black & white sprinkles, jelly "Injections" and Pop Rocks. What fun! :)

To drink we served yellow & red cooldrink in Erlenmeyer flasks, luminous blue Energade in measuring cylinders and test tubes, bottled water with H2O labels and green "Nuclear Waste" juice in a drinks dispenser with white paper cups and black & white striped paper straws.

28 MAY 2016

We set up and styled this science themed eats & treats table for Stefan's 6th birthday party.  What a clever and inquisitive boy!  Watch out world! :)

We decorated the table with a white tablecloth, chalkboards with scientific formulas, a black & white portrait of Albert Einstein, the birthday boy's name in Periodic Table elements, magnifying glasses, rubber snakes, chalkboard food labels, pens & black rimmed glasses (for the nerds), Periodic Table of Elements placemats, glow sticks and a clipboard.

The eats & treats included Bio-Hazard cupcakes, gummy "Snakes", "Eyeballs", liquorice "DNA Strings" & gummy "Frogs" in specimen jars, popcorn in plastic gloves, condensed milk syringes, petri dish jellies, pizza bites & fruit molecules.

To drink we served (luminous) blue Energade in test tubes & measuring tubes as well as green "Nuclear Waste" juice in Erlenmeyer flasks with green paper cups.

Each little mad scientist took home a square white Bio-Hazard party favour box filled with treats.

2 MAY 2015

I had so much fun putting together this party!

The decor included white tablecloths, a black & white chevron paper table runner, Periodic Table placemats, chalkboards with scientific formulas, glow sticks, scientist glasses (complete with the plaster!), chalk board food labels, dry ice, a poster of Albert Einstein and a clipboard with a personalized Periodic Table element for the birthday boy.

The eats & treats included popcorn in plastic gloves, marshmallow "Lab Rats", "DNA" sugar ribbons, gummy snakes & spiders, sour worms, Jelly Tots "Molecules", condensed milk "Injections", Petri dish jellies, Wonka Nerd and molecule cookies. The eats & treats was a huge hit!

To drink we served fruit juice in test tubes and fizzy cooldrinks in Erlenmeyer flasks with yellow paper cups, the flasks were another one of my many favourite elements.

Each little mad scientist took home a triangular "Bio Hazard" party favour box filled with treats.