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Lollos & Lettie Party Decor
Blue & White Chevron Tablecloths
Green & White Chevron Tablecloths
Pink Overlays
Green, Blue & Pink Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Lollos & Lettie Soft Toys
Giant Rainbow Backdrop
Rainbow Triangle Flag Bunting
Lollos & Lettie Cardboard Centrepieces
Rainbow Chain Bunting
Paper Plates & Serviettes
Food Labels
White Alphabet Letters

Lollos & Lettie Party Eats & Treats
Lollos & Lettie Picture Cupcakes
Rainbow Cupcakes
Rainbow Sweets in Apothecary Jars
Fresh Fruit Rainbow Platter
Lollos & Lettie Popcorn Boxes filled with Rainbow Popcorn
Rainbow Jelly Bowls
Rainbow Sweets in Packets with Lollos & Lettie Bag Toppers
Lollos & Lettie Chocolate Lollipops
Blue Candyfloss
Rainbow Hard Candy Lollipops
Rainbow Sugar Ribbons
Rainbow Fruit Kebabs
Rainbow Candy Canes
Rainbow Rock Candy

Lollos & Lettie Party Drinks
Mineral Water Bottles with Lollos & Lettie Labels
Creme Soda Cooldrink Bottles with Lollos & Lettie Labels
Blue Lemonade
Rainbow Cooldrink Bottles with Lollos & Lettie Labels
Fruit Infused Mineral Water
Blue Bubblegum Milk Bottles
Pink Strawberry Milk Bottles

Lollos & Lettie Party Favours
Square Green, Blue & Pink Lollos Picture Boxes
Green, Blue & Pink Lollos Picture Bags
Lollos Picture Buckets

Lollos & Lettie Party Food for Adults
Rainbow Cupcakes
Individual Rainbow Salad Bowls
Rainbow Vegetable Platter & Dips
Guacamole, Hummus & Cream Cheese
Rainbow Fruit Kebabs
Rainbow Fruit Infused Mineral Water
Rainbow Salsa & Nachos
Rainbow Pizza
Rainbow Costini
Roasted ItalianTomato & Mozarella
Roasted Butternut, Feta & Honey
Baked Brie & Caramelized Onion
Avocado & Cream Cheese
Blue Cheese & Blueberries
Calamata Olive Tapenade & Ricotta
Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche, Capers & Lemon
Mushrooms, Thyme & Goat's Milk Cheese

Rainbow Roast Vegetable Kebabs
Chocolate Brownies with Rainbow Smarties


25 JUNE 2016