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Since 2009


Call of Duty Party Decor
Camouflage Tablecloths
Camouflage Alphabet Letters
Ammunition Trunks
Dixie Pans
Combat Boots
Military Hat
Military Belt
Wooden Crates
Welcome to Nuketown Sign
Call of Duty Cardboard Centrepieces

Call of Duty Party Eats & Treats
"Burger Town Classic Burgers"
"Burger Town Crispy Chicken Burgers"
"Burger Town Grilled Chicken Salad"
"Burger Town Brownies"
Toy Soldier Cupcakes
Camouflage Popcorn Boxes filled with Caramel Popcorn
"Cannonballs" Meatballs
Mineral Water Bottles with Call of Duty Labels
Camouflage Cupcakes
Nickerballs "Bullets"
Green, Brown & Black Sweets in Packets with Camouflage Bag Toppers
Green Jelly Cups
Camouflage Pretzels
Cadbury’s Tumbles "Bullets"
Camouflage Fruit & Nut Platter
"Jugger-nog" Raspberry Cooldrink
"Quick Revive" Blueberry Energade
"Speed Cola" Creme Soda
"Double Tap Root Beer"
"PhD Flopper" Grape Cooldrink
"Stamin-Up" Orange Energade
"Deadshot Daquiry" Cola
"Mule Kick" Apple Energade
"Tombstone Soda" Lemonade
"Who's Who" Blue Lemonade
"Electric Cherry" Cherry Cola
"Vulture Aid Elixir" Mixed Berry Energard
"Widow's Wine" Red Grape Juice

Call of Duty Party Favours
Camouflage Drawstring Backpacks
Square Camouflage Call of Duty Picture Boxes
Camouflage Bandanas