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"Boeresport" Picnic Party Decor
Red & White Gingham Check Tablecloths
Wooden Trestle Tables
Flowers in Consol Jars
Wooden Cutlery
Paper Serviettes
Paper Plates
Wooden Boards, Bowls & Plates
Wooden Crates
Paper Lanterns
Fabric Bunting
Galvanized Ice Buckets
Hessian Overlays

"Boeresport" Picnic Party Eats & Treats
"Vrot Eier" Chocolate Eggs
"Toutrek" Liquorice Ropes
Mini Boerewors Rolls with Tomato & Onion Relish
"Driebeen Resies" Chicken Drumsticks
"Sak Resies" Caramel Popcorn in Brown Paper Packets
"Bokdrol Spoeg" Cadbury's Tumbles
"Kettie Skiet" Rock Chocolates
"Kruiwa Stoot" Wheelbarrows filled with Sweets
"Aartappelresies" Potato Crisps
Fresh Fruit Juice
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade in Consol Jars
Selection of Fresh Seasonal Fruit
Mixed Salted Nuts
Mini Gourmet Burgers
Mineral Water Bottles
Sliced Beef Biltong
Mini Hotdogs
"Potjies" filled with Chicken Popcorn

"Boeresport" Picnic Party Favours
Brown Paper Party Favour Packets
Hessian Party Favour Bags

17 JANUARY 2016

What a fun and original theme!

It was such a lovely day for an outdoor party!

We set up and styled a picnic style eats & treats table which we decorated with a hessian tablecloth, red & white gingham check overlays, wooden boards, bowls, plates & crates, food labels, gyp in glass jars adorned with ribbon & lace, picnic baskets with red & white gingham check napkins, paper serviettes, wooden cutlery, galvanized steel buckets, a slingshot and red & white paper straws.

The eats & treats included "Vrot Eier" chocolate eggs, a fresh fruit platter, "Driebeen Resies" chicken legs, caramel popcorn in red & white striped paper packets, sliced beef biltong, "Kruiwa Stoot" sweets in a galvanized steel wheelbarrow and "Bokdrol Spoeg" Cadbury's Tumbles. What fun!

To drink we served refreshing freshly squeezed lemonade in drinks dispensers with Consol jars.

Each little guest received a brown paper party favour packet filled with treats to take home.