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Aladdin Arabian Nights Party Decor
Jewel Coloured Tablecloths
Scatter Cushions
Low Table
Aladdin Cardboard Centrepieces
Oil Lamps
Desert Sand
Rubber Snakes
Gold Platters with Jewels
Gold Paper Plates
Gold Star Confetti
Coloured Glass Bottles
Treasure Chest filled with Jewels & Gold Chocolate Coins
Arabian Scarves
Menu in Gold Frame
Gold Alphabet Letters

Aladdin Arabian Nights Party Eats & Treats
Aladdin Picture Cupcakes
Gold Chocolate Coins in Treasure Chest
“Arabian Nights” Star Shaped Sandwiches
Aladdin’s Mini Pita with Chicken Strips, Lettuce, Humus & Tzatziki
Abu’s Fresh Fruit Kebabs
Princess Jasmine’s Chicken Shish Kabobs
Genie’s Blue Gumballs
Purple Gold Dust Cupcakes
Aladdin Arabian Nights Chocolate Lollipops
Gold Chicken Nuggets

Sweets in Apothecary Jars
Aladdin Arabian Nights Popcorn Boxes filled with Caramel Popcorn

Aladdin Arabian Nights Party Drinks
Sparkling White Grape Juice in Plastic Goblets with Jewels
Jasmine's Iced Tea
Blue Genie Juice in Glass Bottles
Mineral Water Bottles with Gold Labels

Aladdin Arabian Nights Party Favours
Treasure Chest Boxes
Purple & Gold Aladdin Picture Boxes
Round Gold Boxes

Aladdin Arabian Nights Party Food for Adults
Mini Pita with Chicken, Lettuce, Hummus & Tzatziki
Chicken Shish Kabobs
Toasted Pita Bread
with Hummus, Tzatziki & Taramasalata
Mini Pita with Lamb Kofta, Lettuce, Hummus & Tzatziki
Marinated Olives
Date & Nut Truffles
Couscous Salad
with Roast Butternut, Spinach & Feta
Grilled Haloumi
Treasure Chest filled with Ferrero Rocher
Chicken Shawarma

12 NOVEMBER 2016

I loved the colour scheme of this Princess Jasmine themed party!

We decorated a low table with blue & gold tablecloths, an aqua chiffon overlay, scatter cushions, coloured glass bottles, a treasure chest on desert sand filled with jewels, some desert snakes, copper kettles, oil lamps, an hourglass, decorative gold trays, gold platters with jewels, gold star confetti and the menu in a golden frame.

The eats & treats included Princess Jasmine chocolate lollipops in a glass cylinder with gold bling, gold chocolate coins in the treasure chest, Princess Jasmine picture cupcakes with purple icing, gold dust and gold cupcake wrappers, chicken "shish kabobs" and Abu's fresh fruit kebabs.

To drink we served Princess Jasmine's blue fruit punch (litchi juice) in a drinks dispenser with glass bottles and purple & white striped paper straws.

8 AUGUST 2015

What a colourful and exotic theme!

We set up and styled a low table with colourful tablecloths, Arabian scarves, scatter cushions, gold platters with jewels, coloured glass bottles, treasure chests filled with jewels & gold chocolate coins, copper kettles, oil lamps, incense and food labels.

The eats & treats included golden chicken nuggets, mini pita with a chicken strips, lettuce, hummus & tzatziki filling, "Arabian Night" star sandwiches, golden "Arabian Nights" picture cupcakes, Abu's fresh fruit kebabs, Jasmine's lemon & herb chicken kabobs and gold chocolate coins.

We also served sparkling white grape juice in plastic goblets with jewels.

Each guest took home a golden yellow Aladdin Arabian Nights inspired party favour box filled with treats.

 We served some of our delicious Gourmet Snack Platters for the adults to enjoy.

5 OCTOBER 2013

On the menu was mini pita with shredded chicken, lettuce & tzatziki, gold chocolate coins in a treasure chest with jewels which also served as decor, "Arabian Night" star sandwiches, Abu's fresh fruit kebabs, lemon & herb chicken "Shish Kabobs", purple cake pops with gold dust and Aladdin & Jasmine picture cupcakes.  Most of the eats & treats were served on gold platters with jewels.

To drink we served sparkling white grape juice in plastic goblets decorated with gold & jewels.

The decor included colourful tablecloths, Arabian scarves, insense, treasure chests filled with jewels & gold chocolate coins, an oil lamp, coloured glass bottles, scatter cushions, a copper kettle and food labels.

We only needed some belly dancers! And a camel or two!