inspiration for stylish celebrations



Shebeen Party Decor
Soccer Flags
Enamel Plates & Cups
"Driepoot Potte"
Flowers in Lucky Star Pilchards Tins
African Arts & Crafts
Plastic Tablecloths
Wheelbarrow filled with Ice
Zulu Beadwork
Wooden Crates
Enamel Coffee Pot
Beer Bottles in Crates
Champion Toffees
Wooden Pallet
Vintage Wooden Coca Cola Crates
Enamel Bowls
Chalkboard Menu
Corrugated Iron

Shebeen Party Food & Drinks
Mini “Boerewors” Rolls with “Sheba”
Peri Peri 1/4 Chicken
South African Beer
"Shisa Nyama" Chicken Wings
“Mieliebrood” in Mini Enamel Cups
Mini “Bunny Chow”
"Walkie Talkies"
Potato Salad
Mini Beef Burgers with Tomato, Gherkin & Caramelized Onion
South African Wine
Corn on the Cob
Biltong & “Droewors”
Individual Chicken Pies in Mini Enamel Cups
Mini “Vetkoek” & Curry Mince
“Shisa Nyama” Pork Riblets
"Shisa Nyama" Chuck
"Pap" & "Sheba"