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At BOKSOMDAAIS we offer catering & decor solutions for Boutique Events such as Children’s Parties, Teen Parties, Adult Themed Events, Baby Showers, Christenings & Funerals as well as delicious Gourmet Snack Platters.

We pride ourselves on down to earth, personalized service, acute attention to detail and unique, good quality products.

We don’t have a standard range and we don’t keep any stock, each event is custom designed and each item is handmade on order. We design events based on new themes every week, that is what we do best! 

To make your life easier for you we have developed the following packages: Designer Eats & Treats Table Package, Standard Eats & Treats Table Package, Mini Eats & Treats Table Package, Teen Party Package, Adult Themed Events Package & Baby Shower Package.

BOKSOMDAAIS is based in Centurion and we operate in Centurion and surrounds in a radius of approximately 40km but ship parcels nationwide via courier.

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Valentine's Day

Love is in the air!

Why not treat your Valentine to a delicious Valentine's Day Picnic on 14 February!

Is your little girl having a birthday around Valentine's Day? How about surprising her with a sweet Heart Party?


The 89th Annual Academy Awards (also known as the Oscars) will be broadcast live on 27 February, why not invite all your friends and host an Oscars Party, Hollywood style!

And for the teens, how about a Hollywood Movie Night Party?


Mardi Gras

I have always been fascinated by New Orleans, the jazz, the French inspiration, the vibe! 

Mardi Gras is celebrated on 28 February this year. 

Invite some friends over for a "The Big Easy" New Orleans Party and have a "Fat Tuesday"!